the first wine

Grand Corbin

the second wine Les Charmes
de Grand Corbin

Thanks to the skills and expertise of our experienced team, the domaine’s most recent vintages confirm the excellent progress we have made in both the vineyards and the cellars.
The wines offer silky smooth tannins and aromas of truffle, discreet oak and a touch of mocha on the nose. They are characterised by their freshness, elegance and purity. The blue clay lends the wines their structure, density and excellent potential for cellar-ageing.

Les Charmes de Grand Corbin

The grapes that go into "Les Charmes de Grand Corbin" come mainly from an 8-hectare vineyard located on the periphery of Château Grand Corbin.
With vines aged 50 years on average, the wine goes beyond the simple concept of a "2nd wine" as it attains the complexity level of a cru located in the heart of the "Corbin" lieu-dit, not far from the village of Pomerol.